Polycon Surgical Threads

Polycon semi-elastic surgical threads for best and durable lifting results!

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Why are they special?

Characteristics & Benefits of Polycon:

✓ Short elasticity – permits semi-elastic movement of the sutured tissues. This is a very important quality because, unlike other threads, these do not cut the tissues while they move.
✓ Braided – offered in various thicknesses (Metric). Allows the selection of proper thickness for the respective face and body areas to be lifted.
Long-term Absorbable – the surgical threads are absorbed in the human body within two years, i.e. after the final fibrosis formation (that is maximum one year and a half).
✓ Anti-microbial – they possess an excellent anti-microbial effect with a broad action range.

The above described qualities of the threads are the reason they are used in the scarless Serdev Sutures® Lifts to suture mobile fascias to immobile periosteum, fascias, and tendon insertions, and provide excellent, durable results.

Intended Use

No. 3/0 – for ear and nose: tip & base
No. 0 – for chin & brow lift
No. 2 – for facial, inner thigh, abdomen lifts
No. 4 – for temporal, mid-face lifts, buttocks & breast lifts
No. 6 – for bigger buttocks & large breast lifts
No. 8 – for bigger buttocks lifts (mostly used in Latin America)

NB! Prof. Dr. Nikolay P. Serdev prefers reduction of heaviness and volume prior bigger buttocks lift.



1. No tissue incompatibility reported after 40 years of surgical use.
✓ The semi-elastic thread does not harm the tissue and gets quickly surrounded by fibrous tissue.
✓ Absorption process begins after 18 months, not affecting their strength.
✓ No allergic reactions reported.
✓ Guaranteed commencement of the healing process after contact with the tissues.
✓ Proven lack of local and general toxicity.

2. Anti-microbial
✓ No hypersensitivity reactions have been reported.
✓ Bacterial resistance not expected.
✓ No cumulative percutaneous toxicity or organotropic effect found.
✓ Wide action range – *E.coli; *Proteus; *Pseudomonas aeruginosa; *Klebsiella; *Str. Faecalis; *Staph. Aureus; *Staph. Epidermidis; *Candida albicans, etc.


NB!! These threads have been used for more than 40 years without complications and allergic reactions, CE registration ongoing.

NB!! Thread selection is responsibility of the surgeon.

Instructions of use

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