Medicap High Density® Hair (MHD)

Same safety and quality guarantee as Biofibre®… But with Tripple Density!

Just like Biofibre®, MHD is a Hair Implant Medical Device with CE 0373 and TGA Certifications. It has the same chemical, physical, mechanical, aesthetic features as Biofibre® hair.

Biocompatible Medicap® High Density Artificial Hair fibers are suitable to treat generalised hair loss/thinning on the crown area. MHD allows physicians to:

✓ obtain sizeable hair thickening in just a few hours;
✓ minimize the implantation time;
 reduce the number of implants and implant sessions;
✓ achieve the maximum volume with the smallest number of implants.

Medicap High Density® – Biocompatible Artificial Hair is a crucial component for the success of the Biofibre Hair Implant! Only 1,000 MHD fibres implanted into the scalp actually provide 3000 hairs, which gives a Remarkable Immediate Aesthetic Result.

Basic Biofibre® Starter Kit - click to expand

Medicap® recommends the following basic kit for beginners to start practicing biocompatible artificial hair implantation:

✓ 5000 Bifobre® hairs –  (color chosen by the physician);
✓ 1 Adjustable (manual) Implanter – (peek/inox);
✓ 10 Needles for the implanter;
✓ Medical Protocol;
✓ Protocol at glance;
✓ Aftercare Booklet;
✓ Leaflets for Patients;
✓ Brochure with Pre and Post-treatment pictures;
✓ Color Palette;
✓ DVD.

Please contact us at for availability and pricing.

Implantation of MHD/Biofibre® Artificial hair must be performed exclusively by qualified trained physicians in order to guarantee the best and long-lasting aesthetic result. We allow access to Medicap® products only to certified individuals. We also provide training for all interested physicians

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