I want to say that it has been an honor for me to participate in your training and to see the incredible results of your technique. I am happy to learn. You [Dr. Nikolay Serdev] are really a brilliant mind with the humility of the great.

Dr. Maria Marta Rubatti, M.D. , Dubai, 2017

Dear Nikolay Serdev, I want to express my congratulation for your technique and your results. I am really eager to incorporate it to my daily practice. This is an ideal complement to the very extensive cases of Condensed fat reshaping that I do. Especially if combined with the new pneumocarbodissection technique of Guillermo Blugerman.

Dr. Michele Zocci, M.D. , Italy, 2017

I consider Dr. Serdev to be one of the world’s authority.  He is the pioneer of suture suspention.
It is hard to say to someone “you are beautiful” when they are left with a lot of scars. For me it is very rewarding to know that we are meking no incisions, just puncture wounds, and making ladies look very good.

Dr. Dwight Reynolds, M.D. , USA, 2006

It was a pleasure to visit you in your clinic. Your techniques are excellent and I have learned a lot.

Dr. Eduardo Krulig, M.D., Venezuela, June 2003

Dr. Serdev is a genius, because of his sutures for a face rejuvenation, for gluteal perfection, and these have become ones of the most important techniques all over the world. I am using Dr. Serdev’s techniques very frequently . I have very good results, and great satisfaction from my patients. I consider these techniques a very important step forward for cosmetic surgery. At may say that at this moment cosmetic surgeons all over the world are using Dr. Serdev’s techniques.

Dr. Eduardo Krulig, M.D., Venezuela, 2006

I think this technique is very good – you can have good results quickly, with very little post-op discomfort.

Dr. Bernard Slater, M.D. ,RSA

Dr. Serdev is a top-cosmetic surgeon and he is well known all-over the world. He made many contributions, especially his work with the slings to rejuvenate the face, the breast, the buttock, even the inner thigh. It is a big advance, because we avoid scarring and you can have ambulatory operations.

Dr. Pierre Fournier, M.D., France

His [Dr. Serdev’s] surgery is up to date and he has “golden hands”. I am extremely happy as I got many tricks and important details on the techniques. I will use them as soon as I am in Paris. Two days with Nikolay are equivalent to a week elsewhere. With all my admirations.

Dr. Pierre Fournier, M.D., France, June 2001

Serdev Suture methodology is my surgical methodology to obtain the Italian beauty.

Prof. Dr. Pier Antonio Bacci, Italy, August 2005

You can use only 3 skin punctures to achieve good results, without scars. I sincerely thank my friend Prof. Dr. Nikolay Serdev for this genious idea. 

Prof. Dr. Pier Antonio Bacci, Italy, 2006

This is my second visit at your clinic and it is for me a big pleasure.

Dr. Julio Ferreira MD, Argentina, June 2003


I think your method is a revolution in the cosmetic surgery. This is “non-invasive” method like LC = laparoscopic surgery in the general surgery field. So I “give” to you a forwardly Medical Nobel Prize.

Dr. George Sas MD, Hungary, July 2004

It’s my pleasure to visit your clinic again but this time to thank you for your support theaching me and the others your new inventions in cosmetic surgery. Your suture techniques have gained a lot of success in the arab world and many patients have gained benefit.

Dr. Mohamed Ghoz, Egypt, 2005

Nikolay, you have not only shared your professional experience, your superb techniques in suspension suture lift. The concept of fixing the SMAS to stable tissue just does make a lot of sense and made me change my view completely about what I was doing prior to training with you. Your course is definitely worth the time I spent here. You have wonderful staff and strong followers among patients. All of that is reflection of who you are.

Dr. Sam Assassa, USA, October 2005

Many thanks for sharing your very interesting ideas and techniques with us. Your methods are indeed very innovative and useful. They will be of great value to us and our patients.

Dr. Jonathan Lee, Singapore, 2006

Innovative Thinking. Smart Ideas. Clever Teaching. Warm Hospitality. Nice Team.

Dr. Ahmed Abdel Noreldin, MD, March 2008

It has been great training  in the field of Cosmetic Surgery, of doing the procedures less invasive, under local anesthetic , i.v. sedation with remarkable results. No doubt it is really a gateway to the true nature of cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Munir Alam, Ireland, 2009

As for the course, it was interesting and fulfilling. I believe your technique is certainly superior to other thread lifts as it is so secure. I will let you know of my progress here.

Dr. Peter Prendergast, Dublin, 2007

I have learnt a whole new principle and concept of rejuvenation, which I can apply to all aspects of my practice. Thank you very much for a very fruitful day when I have gained so much.

CC Kat, June 2013

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