The carboxytherapy device with best Quality/Price ratio in the market!

Carboxy-Pen® is developed for Carboxytherapy treatments. It combines technology and simplicity. It is very easy to handle and operate and has the best Quality/Price ratio in the market.

Carboxy-Pen has the following characteristics:

Universal – it works with all standard needles, there is no exclusive kit;
Faster – with easy settings, ready in 2 minutes;
Dosimetric – the dose of CO2 is adjustable;
Deeper and adjustable – the depth of injection can be adjusted from 1mm to 10mm;
✓ Modern – It has a digital screen, which indicates all treatment variables. A single multi-directional button controls all the settings;
✓ Practical – The correct dosage delivery is confirmed by a soft vibration in the hand;
✓ Painless – The injection begins with simple pressure of the Carboxy-Pen on the treated area. The movement of the injection, very safe and pure, can be smooth or fast, depending on the treatment. It has electronical and progressive control of the flow of gas injection.
✓ Safe – The injection starts only when the needle reaches the correct depth. Sterile environment warranted on the whole device.
✓ Autonomous – with two energy sources: main power and Lithium battery (up to 5 hours battery life).

What is Carboxytherapy? - click to expand

Carboxytherapy refers to the subcutaneous administration of CO2 gas for therapeutical use.

Therapeutic actions:
✓ active microcirculatory vasodilatation,
✓ increase of the microcirculatory speed and movement,
✓ increase of the lipolitic actions of the adipose tissue.

✓ In Cosmetic Medecine – Edematous Fibrosclerotic Panniculopathy, Cellulitis, coadjuvant in localized adiposity treatment, pre and postoperative in skin grafts;
✓ In Cosmetic Surgery – before and after liposculpture;
✓ In Angiology – organic or functional peripheral arteriopathy;
✓ In Rheumatology – autoimmune arthritis, degenerative osteoarthritis, acute arthritides;
✓ In Urology – erectile dysfunction, associated with microangiopathy;
✓ In Dermatology – psoriasis, ulcers. 

Included in the package are:* 
– Carboxy-Pen®;
– 50 short extension tubes;
– 20 long extension tubes;
– 5 flters.
* The disposables are sufficient for 50 sessions

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