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Mini-invasive cosmetic surgery AND durable results? Yes, it possible!

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With our products and techniques at hand, the only missing link for true atraumatic, scarless cosmetic surgery and medicine is... you.

Serdev® Needles

Stainless steel
✓ Cone semi-blunt tip
Elastic curve
✓ Length depending on application

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Semi-Elastic Surgical Threads

✓ Short elasticity
Absorbable within two years
Anti-microbial action

Serdev Books in Cosmetic Surgery

Step-by-step instructions - Serdev Sutures® LIfts, Serdev Rhinoplasty
✓ New Approaches in Cosmetic Surgery
Body Contouring
✓ and more

Serdev Sutures® Lifts

✓ Face and body liftings, volume and position corrections
✓ Based on aesthetic proportions, volumes, and angles
Scarless, skin punctures only
Mini-invasive, no downtime

Artificial Hair

✓ Biocompatible Biofibre® Artificial Hair
3 styles, 3 lengths, 14 different colours
✓ Excellent strength of the implant and long-lasting aesthetic result
Manual and Automatic Implanters available

Therapy Injectors and Devices

Tattoo removal with no scars
Painless Carboxytherapy
Painless Mesotherapy (incl. exogenous)
AdipoCryoApoptosis (A.C.A.)
✓ and more...

Courses in Serdev Suture® Lifting Techniques

Want to learn tips and tricks from Dr. Serdev himself? Then read on!

Introductory 1-day Courses or "hands-on" training?

Depending on your time, finances, and willingness to advance, you can choose between introductory one-day course in Sofia, Bulgaria or step-by-step, hands-on training course in your clinic .

Attending a course guarantees that you will get:
✓ better knowledge in specific face and body anatomy,
✓ ability to identify "danger zones",
✓ better practical preparation,
✓ the semi-elastic threads and Serdev® Needles required for performing Serdev Suture® Lifts, as well as step-by-step instructions will be available at discounted rates during the course.

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What our colleagues say

Testimonials about Dr. Serdev and Serdev Sutures® Lifting Techniques.

Dr. Pierre Fournier, M.D., France
Dr. Serdev is a top-cosmetic surgeon and he is well known all-over the world. He made many contributions, especially his work with the slings to rejuvenate the face, the breast, the buttock, even the inner thigh. It is a big advance, because we avoid scarring and you can have ambulatory operations.

- Dr. Pierre Fournier, M.D., France

More Testimonials

Dr. Eduardo Krulig, M.D., Venezuela
I am using Dr. Serdev’s techniques very frequently . I have very good results, and great satisfaction from my patients. I consider these techniques a very important step forward for cosmetic surgery. I may say that at this moment cosmetic surgeons all over the world are using Dr. Serdev’s techniques.

- Dr. Eduardo Krulig, M.D., Venezuela, 2006
Prof. Pier Antonio Bacci, Italy
You can use only 3 skin punctures to achieve good results, without scars. I sincerely thank my friend Prof. Dr. Nikolay Serdev for this genius idea.

- Prof. Pier Antonio Bacci, Italy


Questions regarding our Serdev products.

Q: How long does it take for the sutures to be fully absorbed?

A: The surgical sutures are absorbed after the final fibrosis formation. Depending on the thickness and presence of knots, the full absorption is completed in 2-3 years time.

More FAQ
Q: Why is the needle curve elastic?

A: The short elasticity of the needle curve assures that, regardless of the applied pressure, it will not break while inside the tissues. The retained structural memory returns the curve to its original position and ensures the longevity of the Serdev® Needle.

Q: Are the surgical sutures sterile?

A: Yes, the are sterile. This is a single use product, re-sterilization is not recommended.

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