The Exogenous Mesotherapy Device!

Exogenous mesotherapy is an improvement of the inophoresis technique for making injections without a needle. This is achieved with the production of electric current, so as to ionize products and make them penetrate into the skin, without the use of needles.

Over 70% of all people are afraid of treatments involving needles and iBeauty-Gun is the revelation in improved technology with its exclusivity and innovation.

iBeauty-Gun Characteristics – Latest generation exogenous mesotherapy device (for no-needle injections):

✓ Universal – It works with all injectable products available on the market today;
✓ Painless – It ionizes products without any pain;
✓ Quick – It implements treatments in about 2 minutes;
✓ Exclusive – It is the only unit using an intuitive product deposit, depending on the skin type;
✓ Autonomous – It can work either on both battery (Li-ion) or main (90V – 240V);
 Ergonomic – Unique design, giving the device an incomparable degree of ease-of-use and lightness;
 User-Friendly – It has a High-Definition LCD screen with touchpad controls management;
 Safe – Disposable roll-on treatment accessory;
 Versatile – 3 specific roll-on heads of different size for optimized processing, depending on the program and the areas to be treated.

Included in the package are:
– iBeauty-Gun;
– 3 Roller sticks.

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