Serdev® Needles

Serdev Needle – The Key to Scarless Face and Body Liftings!


✓ Stainless Steel – Serdev Needles are made of stainless steel.
✓ Cone Semi-Blunt Tip – The semi-blunt tip has variable penetrative qualities, adapting to the application of the respective methods.
✓ Elastic Curve – The elastic curve section retains structural curve memory regardless of the applied pressure.
✓ Length and Thickness depending on application – Eleven needle sizes with various thickness for different face and body areas.

Benefits of Serdev® Needles:

✓ The benefit of elasticity and smooth surface is that they allow Serdev Needles to safeguard bone-periosteal structures against cutting, regardless of the length and change of direction of the moving needle.
✓ The needle curve is specifically designed to provide smooth entry through the skin, fluid movement through different soft tissue levels and periosteum in depth, in order to capture mobile fascial tissue or immobile periosteum, and exit through the skin (which is not possible with straight needles).
✓ The semi-blunt tip and elastic needle characteristics combine to avoid tissue trauma.
✓ The handle is flat, it has a concavity mark for secure handling and display of the needle tip position in the tissue.

NB! Please be warned of the increased number of fake copies of our needles that are appearing online. This website is the only place where you can obtain genuine Serdev® Needles. All other needles marketed with the same name and/or design are copies with questionable quality. The names range from “suture passer”, “gancho Serdev”, “aguja Serdev”, “agulha Serdev”, “Kit Serdeve”, “Kit Bulgaro” etc. These products copy only the form of the needle, but not their important qualities and can thus be dangerous.

NB! There are some cases of BROKEN FAKE NEEDLES inside the patient’s body, requiring surgical removal.

Additional Information

Serdev Needles are used in cosmetic, aesthetic, and plastic surgery for the purpose of lifting, creation of aesthetic proportions, tissue repositioning and enhancement. Their special design and characteristics were the key that allowed the existence of truly scarless lifting procedures. The closed, Scarless Serdev Suture® Lifts for lifting, suspension, and volumizing, are distinguished by utilizing of patient’s own tissue to achieve the desired outcomes.

The needles are similar in shape to the currently used surgical needles with a handle for ease of manipulation, with the eye of the needle positioned at the front end (example – Reverdin needles). However, Serdev Needles are totally different in surface, elasticity, shape, size, and thickness.

The length of the needle and its curvature depends on the particular application. The choice of length might also depend on patient’s physical characteristics.

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