Adjustable Implanter

Adapting itself to the different thicknesses of the implant areas!

As a product developed by Medicap®, the Adjustable Implanter is a Hair Implant Medical Device with CE, TGA, et al Certifications. It is used to correctly place the Biofibre® Artificial Hair Implants when treating baldness (alopecia).

It has the following features and characteristics:

✓ Allows for an always precise positioning of the Biofibre® hair reversible knot on the galea capitisadapting itself to the different thicknesses of the implant areas.
Ensures safe implantation and optimal duration of the Aesthetic Result.
✓ Allows for a very soft surgery, with no discomfort for the patient, with immediate return to social life.
✓ Has an easy-to-push button that enables the Physician to perform a correct and uninterrupted implant of up to 3.000 Biofibre hairs with no effort.
✓ It is an ergonomic medicalgrade steel device, covered by Medicap guarantee, which can be sterilized with any standard method (e.g. autoclave) and lasts for many implant sessions.

The Adjustable Implanter and the disposable micro-needles (0.25 mm) for it are supplied sterile in practical and safe medical packages.

Basic Biofibre® Starter Kit - click to expand

Medicap® recommends the following basic kit for beginners to start practicing biocompatible artificial hair implantation:

✓ 5000 Bifobre® hairs –  (color chosen by the physician);
1 Adjustable (manual) Implanter – (peek/inox);
✓ 10 Needles for the implanter;
✓ Medical Protocol;
Protocol at glance;
Aftercare Booklet;
✓ Leaflets for Patients;
✓ Brochure with Pre and Post-treatment pictures;
✓ Color Palette;

Please contact us at for availability and pricing.

Implantation of Biofibre® Artificial hair must be performed exclusively by qualified trained physicians in order to guarantee the best and long-lasting aesthetic result. We allow access to Medicap® products only to certified individuals. We also provide training for all interested physicians.

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