Serdev Sutures® Lifts

The Liftings of The Third Millennium

The Scarless Serdev Suture Lifts use closed approach fixation of specific tissue to skeleton, without incisions. They are known in Brazil as “fio elastico” or “fio bulgaro”. Serdev Suture® Lifts are used to correct early ptosis and flaccidity in areas of face and body without traditional incisions, as well as for tissue augmentation.

The techniques consist of passing sutures by a closed approach, solely through needle perforations, in order to lift mobile fascias and fix them to immobile skeletal structures in several facial and body areas. These methods, used with special needles and surgical sutures, allow for excellent and durable results, without leaving scars!

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The use of rigid threads is not advised, because they perform like scalpels and cut through the tissues!

Serdev Sutures® are often referred to as “thread lifts”. This is incorrect, due to the different characteristics of both techniques. “Thread lifts” use “barbed threads”, which are not sutured, nor fixed, but free floating in subdermal fat tissue, while Serdev Sutures® use semi-elastic absorbable sutures, which are fixed to immobile skeletal structures.

Serdev Suture Lifts in face areas:
  • ambulatory temporal and supra-temporal SMAS Lift;
  • brow lift,
  • lateral canthus lifting,
  • glabella muscle ligation,
  • mid face SMAS suture lift,
  • cheekbone SMAS lift and volume creation,
  • lower SMAS face and neck lift,
  • chin enhancement, form and position correction by suture;
  • nasal tip refinement, nasal tip rotation, nasal alar base narrowing;
  • scarless Serdev Suture® method in prominent ears,
  • dimple formation in chin and smiling point.
Serdev Suture Lifts in body areas:
  • scarless buttock lift by suture,
  • scarless breast lift by suture,
  • scarless Serdev Suture to reposition breast implants in symmastia and false position,
  • abdominal flaccidity tightening,
  • inner thigh lift.

We offer frequent Hands-on Courses in Dr. Serdev’s clinic in Sofia, organised upon request. Learn more here!

If you wish to be able to quickly refresh your knowledge, you can also obtain procedure manuals, as an addition to the courses. You can find them here.


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