Carboxytherapy and Mesotherapy Device

Concerto’s General Features

Autonomous – the device can work both on battery (Li-ion high life) or mains (90V to 240V)
User-friendly – Concerto is equipped with a VHD (very high definition) graphic coloured screen and sensitive management of controls. This allows for setting the treatments in only a few seconds.
Ergonomic – Concerto has an exceptional design, which allows for an unequalled level of handling and lightness. It has been studied especially for ambidextrous use.
Painless – There is no pain effect induced.  The needle’s projection speed is faster than in any other unit.
And more – Floodlighting of the treated area for perfect visibility.
Simultaneous vibration massage for better diffusion of the products.
Several types of skin stabilizers available, especially designed to correspond to the program or to the part of the body being treated. No exclusive kit – Concerto accepts all kind of needles and syringes. Automatic detection of the syringe and the viscosity of injected products.

Concerto in Mesotherapy – it has 3 programs

✓ Mesotherapy – for nappage, point-by-point or continuous injections. The automatic depth and speed control will allow you to perform traditional mesotherapy, safely and precisely.
✓ Expert – this is a specific program, dedicated to point-by-point injections by adjustment of the depth (from 1mm to 13 mm) and the dose (from 0,01 ml to infinity). This program will optimize the efficiency of the injected products, while stricly respecting the protocols.
✓ Fillers – an injection program unique in the world! It is programmed to put in place any kind of permanent or temporary filler, of any viscosity. The needle automatically moves back and drops off a regular amount of product directly on site.

Concerto in Carboxytherapy

Accurate – The only unit designed with an hand piece that allows control of the depht, angle and volume of each injection.
Intuitive – Our patented system automatically adjusts the gas flow, depending on the needle size.
✓ Safe – A progressive injection with simultaneous massage. Total control of the treatment for a painless effect.
CompleteConcerto has 2 modes of injection:
Manual – for face, eyes, dark circles etc.
– Automatic – for body, abdomen, legs. Perfect injection dose control.
Universal –  The device can be connected to any type of Co2 – Cylinder or cartridge.

What is Carboxytherapy? - click to expand

Carboxytherapy refers to the subcutaneous administration of CO2 gas for therapeutical use.

Therapeutic actions:
✓ active microcirculatory vasodilatation,
✓ increase of the microcirculatory speed and movement,
✓ increase of the lipolitic actions of the adipose tissue.

✓ In Cosmetic Medecine – Edematous Fibrosclerotic Panniculopathy, Cellulitis, coadjuvant in localized adiposity treatment, pre and postoperative in skin grafts;
✓ In Cosmetic Surgery – before and after liposculpture;
✓ In Angiology – organic or functional peripheral arteriopathy;
✓ In Rheumatology – autoimmune arthritis, degenerative osteoarthritis, acute arthritides;
✓ In Urology – erectile dysfunction, associated with microangiopathy;
✓ In Dermatology – psoriasis, ulcers. 


Concerto Carboxytherapy and Mesotherapy Device






Included in the package:* 
– Concerto;
– 50 short extension tubes;
– 20 long extension tubes;
– 5 flters.
* The disposables are sufficient for 50 sessions

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