• Semi-elastic Surgical Thread

Single pack (1m) = 35
Box (10 pieces) = 300€  / 50€ discount per Box.

Thread Length - 100 cm / 39.37"

Characteristics & Benefits of the threads:

  • Short elasticity - permits semi-elastic movement of the sutured tissues. This is a very important quality because, unlike other threads, these do not cut the tissues while they move.
  • Braided - offered in various thicknesses (metrics). Allows the selection of proper thickness for the respective face and body areas to be lifted.
  • Long-term Absorbable - the surgical threads are absorbed in the human body within two years, i.e. after the final fibrosis formation.
  • Anti-microbial - possesses an excellent anti-microbial effect with a broad action range.

NB!! These threads have been used for more than 40 years without complications and allergic reactions, CE registration ongoing. NB!! Thread selection is responsibility of the surgeon.

Instructions of use

Semi-elastic Surgical Thread

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