This book describes the modern surgical and non-surgical methods for mini-invasive rhinoplasty in cosmetic surgery. It is divided into two parts:

Part 1. Suturing and surgical mini-invasive techniques, sufficient to perform the most important tasks in rhinoplasty: tip rotation and projection; closure of the open roof after humpectomy; alignment and stabilization of the columella; refinement of the nasal tip, lower third and medial third; narrowing of the alar base.

Part 2. Medical rhinoplasty techniques using nerve blocks, injectable fillers etc., which aim is to achieve similar results, despite their temporary effect. Currently, the request for such procedures and their number exceeds this of surgical operations and demonstrates their importance.

Although minimally invasive techniques will not fully replace classic surgical rhinoplasty, this book will serve as a tool to enhance  the refinement of rhinoplasty and clinical aesthetics.

Chapter contents:

Section 1: Surgical Techniques

Chapter 1 - T-Excision for Nasal Tip Rotation - by Nikolay P. Serdev

Chapter 2 - Excision of Prominent Posterior Septal Angle and Nasal Spine for Downward Tip Rotation, in Short Upper Lip, or Over-Rotated Tip - by Nikolay P. Serdev

Chapter 3 - Columella Sliding for Nasal Tip Projection Using Septocolumellar Transmucosal Mattress Suturesby Nikolay P. Serdev

Chapter 4 - Digital Fracture Versus Lateral Osteotomyby Nikolay P. Serdev

Chapter 5 - Debridement of Lower Lateral Cartilages in Cleft Lip–Nose Cases along with Management of Skin and Fibrotic Tractionby Nikolay P. Serdev

Chapter 6 - Transcutaneous and Transmucosal Serdev Sutures® for Nasal Tip Refinement, Alar Base Narrowing, and Other Corrections by Nikolay P. Serdev

Chapter 7 - Depressor Septi Nasi Muscle Resection or Nerve Blockby Daniel G. Moina and Gabriel M. Moina

Chapter 8 - Sutures or Resection of the Protruding End of Medial Cruraby Daniel G. Moina and Gabriel M. Moina

Section 2: Non Surgical Techniques

Chapter 9 - Medical Rhinoplasty – The Treatment of Mimical Patientsby Alessio Redaelli

Chapter 10 - Botulinum Toxin in the Nasal Area by Diego Schavelzon, Guillermo Blugerman, Gabriel Wexler and Lorena Martinez

Chapter 11 - Five Fluorouracil, Hyaluronidase, and Triamcinolone in the Nasal Regionby Guillermo Blugerman, Diego Schavelzon and Gabriel Wexler

Chapter 12 - Auxiliary Procedures in the Nasal Skinby Guillermo Blugerman, Diego Schavelzon, Gabriel Wexler and Roberto Schale

Chapter 13 - Medical Rhinoplasty – Profile Correction with Resorbable Fillersby Alessio Redaelli

Chapter 14 - Nonsurgical Rhinoplastyby Alexander Z. Rivkin

Edited by Nikolay Serdev, ISBN 978-953-51-2260-9, 190 pages, Publisher: InTech

Miniinvasive Techniques in Rhinoplasty

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