Detailed, step-by-step instructions for all Serdev Sutures® techniques. 

In the book Serdev Sutures® Face and Body Lifts and/or VolumizingProf. Dr. Nikolay Sedev thoroughly explains each step of the methodology in performing his Serdev Surures® Lifts and their variations. Pictures and illustrations help the reader visualize the techniques.
The Serdev Sutures® methods included in the book are:

✓ Temporal SMAS Lift 

    - Using needle perforations only - without skin incisions
    - Using a minimal hidden skin incision

✓ Supratemporal SMAS Lift

✓ Brow Lift

     - Attachment of the eyebrow to orbito-superciliar fascia to the upper temporal line 1.5 cm above the superior orbital rim
     - Eyebrow lifting with attachment to upper temporal line at the hairline

✓ Lateral Canthus Lifting 

    - Attachment to the orbital rim
    - Attachment to the upper temporal line rim and temporal fascia

✓ Glabella Muscles Permanent Block

✓ Mid-Face Suture Lift

✓ Cheekbone Lift and Volumizing

✓ Nasal Tip Refinement, Rotation, Projetion, Alar Base Narrowing

    - Tip Rotation - lifting of the greater alar carilage medial crura with attachment to the periosteum of the nasal bones
    - Tip refinement suture technique on the greater alar cartilages
    - Alar base narrowing - attachment of the nostril fibrous tissue and lesser alar cartilages of both sides

✓ Otoplasty by Suture

✓ Lower SMAS Face and Neck Lift

    - Using skin perforations only
    - Using hidden retro-lobular incision

✓ Chin Enhancement, Form and Position Correction, Dimple Formation by Suture

✓ Total Face Beautification Using Serdev Sutures

✓ Breast Lift

    - Clavicular Attachment
    - Pectoralis Tendon Attachment

✓ Buttock Lift

✓ Abdominal Flaccidity Lift

✓ Inner Thigh Lift

Edited, Written by Nikolay Serdev, ISBN 978-88-90391-31-6, 160 pages

Instruction Book For ALL Serdev Suture® Methods

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